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  •    深圳市中科芯络科技发展有限公司(Sinotek),创建于2006年,从开始只有两个人发展至今已拥有七十多位员工,公司部分骨干在半导体设计及分销领域积有近二十年的丰富经验,公司定位于电子产品电源部分的半导体器件分销,产品研发方案与系统集成方案的提供,尤其是在手机等便携式产品、电脑板卡、液晶显示器、液晶电视机、工业控制等领域之半导体器件分销。只有专注,才能生存下去,才会有更广阔的发展空间。

    Sinotek was incorporated in 2006. During its early days, MornSun only had two initiators while now it has owned more than seventy employees. Some key members of the Company have had approximately twenty years of rich experiences in the professional field of semiconductor design and distribution. Sinotek dedicates in distribution of the semiconductor devices affiliated to the power supply system of the electronic products especially semiconductor devices related to portable electronics (e.g. mobile phone), boards and blocks of computers, LCD, LCD TV set and industrial control etc. We can survive in the market and win more growing spaces only upon that all our business is focused on such professional field.    

    Sinotek 熟知生产性企业的需求,以其特有的经销理念,帮助客户使用高性价比、低功耗的产品,为客户提供稳定存货、全面配套和应急供货服务,为绿色世界低能耗尽一份绵薄之力。

    Sinotek knows manufacturers’ demands very well. Depending on its unique marketing ideas, Sinotek is making all best efforts to provide highly cost-effective and low energy consumption products along with service of steady inventory, all-round support and emergent supply to all customers, upon which to contribute our good efforts to build up a green world featured with low energy consumption.  


    Service of Steady Inventory


    Sinotek offers long-term stable service of inventory to all business partners thus they can avoid all troubles in frequent supply source seeking and ordering, realizing their dreams of zero inventory. You only need to notify us one day (or even one hour at least) in advance about your demand, then we can deliver our products to your door as soon as possible.


    Service of All-Round Support


    Sinotek promises to supply all semiconductor devices affiliated to electronic circuit board even including the passive components, releasing you from the trouble to seek supply source here and there. This service is especially practicable for those enterprises engaging in the early-stage R & D, small-amount purchasing for small-quantity trial production or the purchasing of a small enterprise during its early stage in development.


    Service of Emergent Supply


    Sinotek has established extensive contacts with major semiconductor manufacturers, agents and distributors across the world and we are capable of doing almost anything in the field of semiconductor distribution. You might as well inquire us first if you really have some urgent needs to purchase some semiconductor products. Sinotek helps you fulfill your dream of overnight delivery-to-door, only costing you a phone call.  


    Business Purpose


    To provide rapid quality service of electronic component inventory to manufacturers in China and help them fulfill zero inventory


    Business Idea

    公司一贯提倡Multi-Win Case,目前Win-Win Case已经无法满足日益增长而又竞争激烈的市场需求,只有在供应链上达成供应商、方案商、代理商、客户等的多赢,才可以长久、主动、迅速地提供超越客户期望的增值服务。

          Sinotek has all the time valued the Multi-Win Case since now the Win-Win Case can no longer meet with market demands featured with increasing growth and severe competition. We are competent enough to provide long-term active rapid value-added service beyond customers’ expectation only provided that we can fulfill the multi-win of the supply chain consisting of supplier, planner, agent and customer.  


    Excellent Team


    Our staff team has grown up from four or five members during early days to present more than seventy ones. More than half of them have the bachelor's degrees and more than 85% of them have the educational background above the junior college level along with an average age of 28 years old. Sinotek will always actively respond to customers’ demands, basing on harmonious interpersonal relationship among all staff, swift and sound operation and management, top-quality service, curiousness, innovative management ideas, and the best and fastest services.  


    Sales Network


    You can better understand clients’ demands more rapidly only if you are closer to your clients. High efficient generates services beyond customers’ expectation. Ever since its incorporation, Sinotek has already established sales branches in many domestic large cities such as Shenzhen,  Hong Kong and Xiamen, all of which enjoy prosperous electronic industry in local areas. Preparatory works for establishing sales branches in remaining other large cities for instanceShanghai , Beijing, Xi’an, Qingdao and Chengdu, are already in hand.

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